CASA has been providing affordable housing for homeless families and individuals for more than 25 years. But we’ve hardly done it alone. We rely on group and individual donations, volunteer work, and other efforts from people like you to make it all happen.

Read below to learn how you can support your community through CASA.

How to Support Your Community Through CASA

Below are five ways you can get involved with CASA to support the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill communities.  

1. Donate

In 2018, we collected almost $530,000 from 500 donors, surpassing our goal by nearly $20,000. Those donations helped put 137 new families into a home.

There are four ways to contribute a donation to CASA.

  • Online. An online donation is the quickest and easiest way to support your local community through CASA. Any amount can make a difference, be it enough for one night or one month.
  • By mail. A donation can be made by mail by sending to:


P.O. Box 12545

Raleigh, NC 27605

  • Via stock transfer. To make a donation through a stock transfer, just share the following information with your broker:

CASA Tax ID: 56-1778714

Account number: 43218498

DTC #: 0702

  • Planned giving. Become a member of the Forever Home Society to leave behind a donation in your memory.

2. Volunteer

We’re always looking for people to volunteer their time around our offices or the nearly 500 residences we maintain. Administrative duties, landscaping, maintenance, event planning, and welcome gift basket preparation are just some of the ways you can volunteer your time.   

3. Advocate

In addition to public donations, we also rely on local, state, and federal funding to carry out our mission. And securing the necessary funding is made easier when we get support from people like you.

Attending meetings and public hearings related to housing along with contacting Congressional representatives and the General Assembly regarding affordable housing solutions are all ways you can lend your voice to our cause.

4. Smile

When you shop online through Amazon, you can have 0.5% of your purchase price directed to CASA at no additional charge. Just enroll in the AmazonSmile program and choose Community Alternatives for Supportive Abodes (CASA) as your charity of donation.

5. Give your feedback

Take our short survey to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and opinions on affordable housing to CASA. By putting our heads together, we can better strive toward a common goal.

Learn More About Getting Involved With CASA

Contact us to learn more about how you can support your community through CASA or other nonprofits near you.