The solution to homelessness is housing. Learn how CASA is furthering this mission.

Our Mission

To provide access to stable, affordable housing for people who are homeless or at risk by developing and managing rental communities.
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Our Purpose

We strive to bring specialized and affordable housing to the Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh homeless population. We are driven to not only provide family and veterans housing, but disability housing solutions for those with a physical disability or mental health problem. We believe a home is more than a shelter. It’s stability, self-esteem, and opportunity.

Our History

CASA was born out of a Wake County mental health program in 1992 in an effort to provide housing for the many homeless people being served. CASA has been busy growing its staff, tenants, and properties ever since and today supports more than 500 households across Wake, Durham, and Orange Counties.

Our Tenants

At CASA, we open up our doors to individuals and families without a permanent home. We offer workforce housing for those earning a low wage, as well as supportive veterans housing, and homes for those with disabilities and their families. Contact us to learn more about our workforce housing solutions and applying for our disability housing programs.

How Our Affordable Housing Model Works

CASA builds or renovates apartments to increase the availability of affordable housing in our communities. As a non-profit organization, rent remains affordable and there is no time restriction on how long someone can live in one of our properties. We employ leasing specialists and maintenance technicians to meet the unique needs of our tenants and provide permanent, affordable housing to those in need.

We aren’t finished until everyone has a home. We have plans to continue growing our reach in Wake, Durham, and Orange Counties to serve even more of our neighbors in need and we're not slowing down.