The solution to homelessness is housing. Learn how CASA is furthering this mission.

Our Mission

Develop and manage affordable housing, providing opportunities for successful living.
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Homelessness is a complex issue, but at CASA, we believe the solution is simple: the solution to homelessness is creating more affordable housing. CASA empowers individuals experiencing poverty and disability by providing affordable, permanent housing.

Transforming Lives and Strengthening Communities Through Affordable Housing

People experiencing homelessness miss out on the security that many of us take for granted. Through access to housing, these individuals gain the stability and dignity that we all deserve.

CASA apartments are permanent housing solutions for individuals and families on a limited income, who pay around 30% of their income on rent. As caring, understanding landlords, we have 26 years of experience providing high-quality supportive housing to our residents.

In a CASA apartment, our tenants are able to build financial stability and work toward a better life for themselves and their families. With a place of their own to go to every night, our tenants can send their children to school, join a place of worship, prepare home-cooked meals, and find a long-term job.

By giving our tenants the opportunity to improve their lives, CASA contributes to building a better community in Wake, Orange, and Durham counties in North Carolina. We take this responsibility very seriously and take care to make sure our apartments are attractive and well-maintained.

Contact us at (919) 307-3435 to learn more about CASA’s properties. CASA relies on community support. Donate to CASA or learn about how you can contribute.

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