About Us

Core Beliefs

We believe in the power of an affordable home to transform lives.

Our homes strengthen individuals and families by providing the peace of mind and the satisfactions of daily living so many of us take for granted—building financial stability, buying groceries and sharing a home cooked meal, joining a place of worship, having a permanent address to secure a job and send children to school—knowing where you will go to sleep each night is safe, warm, and comfortable.  CASA apartments are permanent housing solutions for individuals and families on a limited income, who pay around 30% of their income on rent.

We encourage the sense of hope that tomorrow can be better than today, recognizing that a permanent home fosters the independence, sense of dignity, and confidence to face the challenges of everyday living. We take seriously our responsibility to invest in communities, and we work diligently to ensure that our buildings are well maintained, attractive, and strengthen the fabric of neighborhoods.  As CASA contributes to the vitality of the community, we know we are also contributing to the progress of North Carolina. We will continue to build on more than 26 years of accomplishments as an exemplary model for others to help address the issue of homelessness with diligence and compassion.

CASA’s mission is to develop and manage affordable housing, providing opportunities for successful living.