We are so excited to be honoring DASH Home Loans as our April Partner of the Month!

DASH Home Loans, a division of Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. is new on the mortgage lending scene, providing simple and quick home loan options in North Carolina and South Carolina. Tina Konidaris, division president, is a longtime supporter and volunteer with CASA. Tina spoke at our Raleigh breakfast fundraiser, of which DASH was a sponsor. She shared some of her personal story and why she feels so connected to CASA’s mission to end homelessness by providing affordable housing:

“Homelessness can happen to anyone,” Tina said. “Many of us are just one or two deviations away from it happening to us, something the Coronavirus is bringing to our attention rapidly. As a previously homeless person myself, I understand what it feels like to have no stable place to sleep at night. This is a fight that we all must join in to prevent our streets from overflowing with folks that have no home.”

In addition to sponsoring our breakfast event in March, DASH Home Loans has challenged our donors to help us meet the urgent and immediate needs of our residents during the COVID-19 crisis. As the crisis has worsened, CASA residents are experiencing job loss, a dramatic reduction in supportive services on which they normally rely, and trouble accessing food and basic supplies. CASA is responding with a fundraising campaign to provide direct assistance to residents in need, including deliveries of groceries, rental assistance, and one-on-one support.

To help us meet the need, DASH is matching every donation, dollar-to-dollar, with a DASH Cash Match of $50,000! This incredible incentive has already inspired generous gifts of support and individual fundraising pages as CASA donors spread the word about the challenge to their own networks. (You can join the effort on our COVID response campaign website.)

“Tina and DASH Home Loans exemplify what corporate philanthropy can look like in a time of economic uncertainty and crisis. They are truly invested in and committed to their communities, serving the people who need it most in a time of great need,” CASA’s CEO Mary Jean Seyda stated. “We’re so honored to have a partner like DASH.”

Thanks for being an incredible partner during an unprecedented time, DASH!