CASA is proud to announce our August Partner of the Month, Sonitrol Integrated Security! Sonitrol is a sponsor of CASA’s fall fundraiser this year for the seventh year in a row!

Chuck Harrelson, President of Sonitrol Integrated Security, says that he first heard about CASA through his friend Rob Griffin, long time supporter and CASA Board of Directors member. While they receive multiple requests for support throughout the year, the endorsement from Rob made Chuck give CASA a second look. When he learned more about CASA’s emphasis on serving veterans, Chuck says, “it was an easy decision.”

“To me,” Chuck explains, “Affordable housing is a vital baseline for individuals to begin building or re-building their lives. The opportunity to help make this part of the equation more manageable allows them to have some ‘ownership’ of where they live, but some flexibility of relieving some of the stress of finding, affording and maintaining a residence. We at Sonitrol have been blessed in many ways and feel like it’s our opportunity to help when and where we can.”

1 in 4 CASA tenants are veterans who have experienced homelessness and are living with a disability. The passion of donors like Sonitrol for serving those who served is an essential part of CASA’s strategy to end veteran homelessness in our community for good. Sonitrol is an incredible example of the kind of corporate partnership that keeps CASA’s mission moving forward.

Thank you, Chuck and Sonitrol Integrated Security!