Brenda lives in a duplex in Chapel Hill. Her home is clean, and the walls are decorated with news clippings and certificates from different organizations she’s donated to over the years. Her coffee table is filled with cute stuffed animals, and in the corner there’s a bookshelf stuffed with all kinds of different books. She says she loves to read.

Brenda’s been in her duplex in Chapel Hill since 2009– since CASA acquired and renovated the community. These units were purchased as a preservation project, ensuring they remain an affordable option instead of being sold to a for-profit developer. 

Before Brenda came to CASA, she was staying at a group home and having a rough time. She had trouble maintaining stability. “I was having a whole bunch of problems,” she remembers. When one of her case workers told her about CASA, she jumped on the opportunity. Brenda says, “CASA has a hand in it [my stability] because they gave me a place to live when nobody else would. They sure came to my rescue.”

These days, Brenda has a calm, quiet life. She loves her apartment, her open living room, and especially her bedroom with a door that shuts. She likes to read, relax in bed and watch TV. She’s got a puzzle book that she keeps on her nightstand to do during commercials. She’s friendly with her fellow CASA neighbors and often chats with them outside. She says, “The holidays are kind of quiet for me now”. She is, however, looking forward to sending out Christmas Cards this year. 

Reflecting on how far she’s come, Brenda says, “I’m proud of me”.