King’s Ridge FAQ’s

If you’d like to make a contribution to support King’s Ridge operational costs, please contact Missy Hatley, Senior Director of Mission Advancement, at or call (919) 307-3435.

Now that you've reached your campaign goal, why are you still fundraising?

CASA has reached its $25.5M construction goal, ensuring that the community can be built. Now, we need to focus on making sure the community has the resources it needs. Additional funding will go toward critical staffing, building our service partner programming, and preparing for the first two years of operating costs while the community gets up and running.  We also want to complete funding for the $2M King’s Ridge Sustainability Endowment through the North Carolina Community Foundation.

Why do you need operating support?

With more than 31 years of experience managing apartment communities for low-income populations, CASA is confident in the sustainability for King’s Ridge for decades to come. Operating support for King’s Ridge is necessary for the first two years while the building gets up and running.

What will King's Ridge operating gifts pay for?

Operating gifts to King’s Ridge will pay for ongoing building expenses and staffing costs. Building expenses will be similar to a typical landlord, and will include things like interior and exterior building maintenance, pest control, etc. Staffing costs will include staffing support unique to King’s Ridge—including a King’s Ridge Director, Tenant Liaison, compassionate property management, leasing specialists, Case Managers, volunteer activities, and service collaborations.

What is the King's Ridge Sustainability Endowment?

The King’s Ridge Sustainability Endowment at the North Carolina Community Foundation will support the long-term sustainability of King’s Ridge for decades to come.  The principal of the Endowment is protected, yet we can choose to take out up to 5% of its profit to supplement operating income.  The use of Endowment funds is limited to King’s Ridge operations, including staffing, maintenance, and repairs.  Our goal to raise 2M for the King’s Ridge Sustainability Endowment before opening day.  During the first two years of building operations, this fund will likely not provide enough of a return to fully support ongoing operations, which is why we’re also fundraising for building operations separately from the endowment.

How have public funds affected the King's Ridge campaign?

Private donors—individuals, foundations, corporations, and faith communities made the first $7 million in investments to this project. Wake County responded with a $4 million investment and the City of Raleigh has contributed 10M.  Public and private investments have inspired one another, demonstrating how much we can do when we work together to reduce homelessness through housing. 

Are gifts tax-deductible?

Yes. CASA is a 501c3 nonprofit.

Is my gift eligible for a corporate match?

Possibly so, and wouldn’t it be wonderful to double the impact of your gift? Many companies do match gifts, or a portion of your gift. Please share your matching gift form with CASA’s Resource Development department staff and they will investigate and keep you informed.

Can I give appreciated stock to King's Ridge?

Yes, CASA welcomes gifts of appreciated stock as well as many non-cash assets in accordance with our Gift Acceptance Policy. Please contact Missy Hatley, Senior Director of Mission Advancement, at 919-307-3435 or for stock transfer instructions or to discuss a non-cash gift.

Are Estate Planning gifts accepted for King's Ridge?

Planned gifts are a wonderful way to support our mission in perpetuity. Planned gifts will be counted as promised commitments to grow the King’s Ridge Sustainability Endowment.

Can gifts be made in honor or in memory of a loved one?

Absolutely! King’s Ridge is named in memory of CASA’s longtime CEO Debra King. Construction plans include meaningful ways to honor her and the special people in your life that inspire your support.

How will gifts be recognized?

Naming opportunities for King’s Ridge are available for a variety of places in the community. These opportunities to begin at the $50,000 level and are offered in the order that commitments are made. All donors at the $25,000 level and above will be featured on the Donor Wall on the main floor.

What if I have other questions?

We would love to talk to you about your personal connection to this community. Please contact Missy Hatley, Senior Director of Mission Advancement, at or 919-307-3435.