a housing community pictureAttracted by the area’s excellent colleges and research jobs, people continue to migrate to Raleigh, North Carolina. Raleigh continues to make lists of America’s fastest growing cities. Unfortunately, this growth creates a huge demand for housing, which increases costs.

Many people living with disability and poverty are not able to keep up with skyrocketing rent costs and find themselves left behind. Many of these individuals are forced into homelessness. With population and rent expected to increase, CASA is working to make sure that people living with disabilities have access to affordable, high-quality housing.

How CASA Keeps Our Housing Affordable

Rising House Prices

You only need to take a drive around the Triangle to know the area is booming. New apartment buildings are springing up all over Wake County.

Unfortunately, even these new buildings are not enough to keep up with demand, and housing prices continue to rise. In some Raleigh neighborhoods, a one bedroom apartment can cost as much as $1,500 a month.

Unique Supportive Housing for People living with Disabilities

Another issue for people living with disabilities is finding housing that meets their unique needs. These individuals often require unique supportive housing created with their needs in mind, making it even more difficult to find a home.

How CASA Keeps Housing Affordable

No one should have to live without the dignity of a home, but homelessness is a reality for far too many people living with disabilities. The simple solution to homelessness is affordable housing, but where can people find affordable apartments?

CASA provides affordable apartments for people living with disabilities in North Carolina’s Triangle Region. Each of our residents only pays about one-third of their income on rent. The help of federal, state, and local funds help keep CASA’s costs low, but we rely just as much on people like you.

How Can You Help CASA?

You can become a player in CASA’s fight against homelessness. Private donations help CASA subsidize rent for our residents, so their housing costs can stay low. CASA also relies heavily on the work of volunteers. Our volunteers help run our offices, maintain our buildings, and landscape our properties, saving us thousands every year.

Become an invaluable part of the solution to homelessness. Your contribution makes a huge difference in the lives of people living with disabilities in North Carolina.