CASA’s Carroll Street Development

CASA is excited to announce plans to develop new construction multifamily housing in Durham.  We recently received final approval from the federal government to develop the Carroll Street Durham Army Reserve Center site into permanent homes for Durham families and individuals living with disabilities who have experienced homelessness.

Basic Information

Who is CASA?

CASA is a local, nonprofit housing developer and property manager.  We’ve been building and managing apartments, particularly for people living with disabilities, for 26 years.  We currently own 490 apartments across more than 50 sites in Wake, Durham and Orange counties.

What will you be building at the Army Reserve Center site?

CASA will be developing 16 homes in Phase 1. Typically CASA develops garden apartments that are 1-3 stories. That’s what we’re planning to build at Carroll Street, although there may be some other building types as well. All of our developments are uniquely designed by architects, civil engineers and landscape architects who create a building design and site layout that complements the surrounding community.

Will current buildings be demolished?

Yes, CASA plans to demolish the current structures and build on the existing impervious (paved) surfaces.

CASA’s Carroll Street Development

How many apartments will you build?

We’ll start with just 16 in Phase 1, but ultimately we’ll have the option to develop up to 65 over time if and when funds become available. This density (12 units per acre) is in keeping with Durham’s Comprehensive Plan designation for this property.

What is CASA planning for the forest and the trees on the site?

Our plan calls for 30% of the site to be preserved forest, which is 10 times the requirement under current zoning.  Additionally, CASA will engage an arborist to evaluate the health of several large trees on the property, so we can preserve as many healthy existing trees as possible.  CASA is also coordinating with Durham Parks and Recreation to provide connectivity to future greenway and Lyon Park.

How tall will the apartment buildings be?

CASA is committing to a maximum building height of no more than 2 stories within 75 feet of the street.  We are committing to a 3-story maximum height in the interior of the site.

Will CASA sell the property after they build it? How do we know it will be properly maintained?

No, CASA will not sell the property after we build it. We build, own and manage our properties with our in-house staff for the long term. This has been our model for 26 years. Additionally, this property will have multiple levels of deed restrictions that will be enforced by the federal government and our local funding partners for a period of 30 years. These deed restrictions, which dictate who the property must serve and how the property is to be kept affordable, are recorded public documents and are legally enforceable. They also run with the land meaning regardless of who owns the property, the owner must abide by the restrictions for the 30-year period of affordability. Furthermore, these funding partners audit and inspect CASA properties annually. Our developments must therefore live up to CASA’s high expectations for quality as well as those of multiple funding partners.

Who will live here? Is this temporary or transitional housing? Is this emergency shelter?

1228 Carroll Street will be permanent rental housing. It will be apartments – not a shelter or group living facility. Each household will have their own apartment with a full kitchen, living room, bedrooms and baths. Each household will apply for housing, sign a lease, and pay their rent each month, just like anybody else in a rental home. As long as they abide by the terms of their lease, a tenant may choose to stay as long as they wish. Most CASA tenants live in their CASA apartment more than 5 years. Unique to this property, a requirement of households who apply are that the household has experienced homelessness, and that someone in the household has a disability. Residents will also have access to services if needed to help them maintain their housing long-term.

Can we see some examples of CASA’s properties?

Please visit our Properties page to see some images of CASA new construction. These are representative of the type of buildings we’d like to create at the Carroll Street Apartments.