Until recently, the number of veterans living without permanent homes has been growing. Thanks to our community support and tireless efforts to meet the needs of local homeless veterans, that number is finally decreasing, and veterans are now finding homes. At CASA, our primary objective is to serve the Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh homeless population, and one of the ways we do so is by providing housing for homeless veterans to improve their confidence and quality of life.

Fighting for Our Veterans

At CASA, a local Raleigh nonprofit, we aim to help veterans find affordable housing, especially those suffering from disabilities resulting from their heroic service. Many of the same US veterans who served our country are a significant percentage of the local homeless population. The good news is that thanks to community support, contributions, and dedicated efforts, the number of homeless veterans nationally has dropped 11% since 2020. These veterans fought for our lives; now it’s time to fight for theirs.

Our goal is to make housing affordable for the local homeless population, including homeless veterans. We accept HUD-VASH and other vouchers to provide low-cost living for all tenants. Our volunteer program is just one of our many opportunities, specifically within North Carolina’s Research Triangle, to provide housing to over 150 homeless men and women.

How You Can Help

Permanent housing is more than a blessing in the lives of homeless veterans, and we aim to expand our reach so that none of our local homeless veterans are without a place to call home. Without the support of our community and donors, our work could not be possible. We offer various ways to support homeless veterans through CASA, including organized fundraisers, monthly financial support, and volunteer opportunities.

Whether you live in the area or out of state, your time and financial gifts can make a significant difference in the lives of homeless veterans and contribute to our effort to provide affordable homes for every homeless veteran in the community.

We provide permanent housing for our homeless veteran community, those with disabilities, and those needing a safe, family environment. There are many ways to become part of the change in our community. Join us and give back to those who fought for our freedom. Contact us today at CASA to learn more about how to get involved, our volunteer opportunities, ways to support us, or to make a donation.