exteriorCASA is proud to announce that we will acquire 53 units of permanent affordable housing.

Sunnybrook Village, located off Sunnybrook Road in Raleigh, will offer 42 high-quality apartments (24 one-bedroom and 18 two-bedroom units) as a mix of both supportive housing for people living with disabilities and workforce housing for families and individuals earning a modest wage.  An additional 11 one-bedroom apartments, located off of Western Boulevard, will serve people living with disabilities.

“The Triangle rental market is increasingly out of reach for many of our neighbors, including people working more than one full-time job. Our acquisition of these apartments ensures that working families, veterans, and people living with disabilities will have high-quality, permanently affordable rental options in the City, even as the rental market continues to outpace job and wage growth” says Debra King, CASA’s CEO.

Support from the City of Raleigh and Wake County, along with private donations and financing from North State Bank, will enable CASA to invest over $4 million in these two acquisitions. The City of Raleigh has committed $1.9 million and Wake County nearly 1 million to preserve the affordability of this community for current and future tenants.

“At CASA, we believe strongly that there is room in our community for everyone to have a place to live, and that it is never okay to leave someone on the streets,” says King. “This development is well located near public transportation and community resources and will give our neighbors an opportunity to put down roots and experience the peace and comfort of a safe, affordable home and neighborhood.”