For almost 30 years, CASA has been providing a solution to homelessness in Raleigh, NC, and surrounding communities. How have we done it? By creating more affordable housing.

Raleigh has the fifth fastest growing rent in the country among larger cities, and nearby Greensboro ranks seventh. Our goal is to reverse that trend.

CASA’s Solution to Homelessness

Our solution to ending homelessness in Raleigh is centered around some key values.

Permanent housing

Most options for homeless people involve only temporary shelters. As soon as the person gets comfortable, they are shuffled out the door.

Part of our solution involves providing permanent housing with no limit on how long a tenant may stay. With a permanent residence, an individual can place their focus on building a life and not on where they will go next.

Affordable rent

Our tenants only pay around 30% of their income for rent. By customizing rent requirements for each person’s situation, each tenant pays a rent that is relative to their income and protects them from being priced out of their home by rising rent.

Utilizing existing homes

There are too many older homes and apartment buildings that are just left to waste. We purchase and renovate these buildings to make worthy homes for people who need them. Being resourceful is part of our solution to ending homelessness.    

Maintenance and support

We own and manage all of our buildings and provide dedicated property management services to each of our tenants. With the help of leasing specialists and maintenance technicians, our tenants are given the personalized help and support they need to keep a roof over their head.

Getting the word out

We don’t wait around for people in need to come to us. Service providers in Wake and surrounding counties spread the word about the availability of our housing options and we regularly advertise on Craigslist and SocialServe.

Be Part of the Solution  

There are a number of ways you can be a part of CASA’s solution to ending homelessness in Raleigh. Donate, volunteer your time, advocate, or even just shop through our Amazon Smile program.

Contact the CASA team to learn how to get involved.