At CASA, we aim to create dwellings for those with no permanent residence to call home. We serve those facing housing insecurities in the Durham, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh areas by establishing homes and creating workforce housing and supportive housing for individuals, families, veterans, and those with physical disabilities or mental health issues. If you’re interested in contributing to the development of affordable housing in Durham, Chapel Hill, and affordable housing in Raleigh, you can advocate, volunteer, or donate. 


By volunteering your time, you can support the individuals and families in need of our services and contribute to our goal at CASA. There are plenty of volunteer opportunities that will reinforce the work we do.

One of the easiest ways to volunteer is by hosting a fundraiser, which enables you to introduce your friends and family to the CASA mission and allow them to contribute.

Bake sales, celebrations, and even fitness events all qualify as fundraisers. Instead of accepting gifts, you can direct all donations to support our affordable housing projects. Hosting a fitness class, walk, or run and dedicating proceeds to CASA is also an excellent way to volunteer and help support our cause.


Another way to help support CASA is by informing others about our cause and helping us spread the word. When you bring awareness to our cause through volunteer opportunities or word-of-mouth, you help support our work as we aim to provide those in need with stable housing. Sharing our social media posts is one of the best ways to support us and help us expand our reach.


The most effective way to help support our tenants is to donate to CASA. There are several different ways that you can support our cause. You can give online and donate through PayPal by selecting a one-time or ongoing donation amount.

You can also mail donations to our PO Box if you’d rather mail a check.

Additionally, you can give through a stock transfer with the help of your broker. If you need help or have questions about your donation, one of our experts will be happy to assist.