two hands holding a red heart giving to charity and nonprofit

The feeling that comes from making a real difference by donating to a charity you care about is a great one. With all the excellent charities in Raleigh, North Carolina, you may want more information to help you decide which charity you’d like to give your financial support.

Here are some tips for deciding to which Raleigh nonprofit you should donate.

Tips for Choosing Which Raleigh Charity Needs Your Donation

Decide What’s Important to You

Raleigh is full of great charity organizations, serving a variety of causes. Figuring out which of these causes are the most important to you can narrow down the list of charities you are interested in supporting. Maybe you feel strongly about homelessness, the environment, healthcare, or some other issue.

Looking at each charity’s mission statement can help you decide which ones align with your own values.

Check for Legitimacy

Make sure the organization you donate to is who it claims to be. You can research the legitimacy of a charity by researching it on sites like GuideStar. The IRS charity lookup tool is another excellent resource.

Look for Transparency

A good charity should be open about where it gets its funds and how it spends these funds. Be wary of companies that hide this information. Many businesses are hiding the high administrative costs you’re really paying for when you donate.

Check the charity’s website for reports on where their money goes. GuideStar also rates organizations for transparency.

Look for a Nonprofit

Giving to nonprofit organizations comes with several benefits. The first is the knowledge that the maximum amount of your contribution is going towards the charity’s mission.

Another important benefit is that donations to 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations are tax-deductible, letting you save on your income taxes when you give. Check the IRS to find out if a charity you want to give to is a recognized nonprofit organization.

Find a Charity with a Track Record of Success

Make sure your money is going to a group that is actually making a difference. Good intentions are a good start, but they can’t change the world without action. Find a nonprofit that can demonstrate real and measurable progress toward its goal.

If you’re looking for a nonprofit to donate to in Raleigh, North Carolina, consider CASA. CASA has been providing and managing homes for people with disabilities and veterans for over 25 years. In that short time, CASA communities have grown to over 500 homes. Change lives with your gift.