For about two years, we’ve been using this space to celebrate the partnerships that make CASA’s work possible.  We have some incredible partners – local businesses, big corporations, incredible individuals, faith communities, civic groups, and more – but our most important partners of all are our incredible, resilient, courageous, and caring tenants.  So this month, we’re celebrating our tenants as CASA’s Partner of the Month!

CASA depends on the generosity of our community to support nearly 500 CASA households and to help us grow to serve even more of our neighbors in need.  We also depend on the rental income we receive from our residents.  CASA tenants pay 30% of their income on rent, and rental income makes up about 60% of CASA’s operating budget every year.  We literally couldn’t do this work if our tenants weren’t paying their rent and doing their part to end homelessness in our community.

In addition to partnering with us to live in their apartments, CASA tenants often share their stories with us – a selfless act of courage and love that helps us share our mission in the community.  We are honored to share the success stories we hear from our tenants in videos, newsletters, grant applications, photographs…and several tenants have even spoken at events or on the local news!  These stories inspire us, motivate us, and make us proud.

Thank you, CASA tenants, for all you do to further CASA’s mission to end homelessness!