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COVID-19 has impacted the lives of millions. People experiencing homelessness are at particular risk of contracting COVID-19 because they don’t have access to the most basic tools we all need to stay safe: a place to shelter, a place to practice good hygiene, and a place to recover from illness.

Many CASA residents know the struggles that come with being homeless because they’ve been there. Even though they have a permanent place to call home, most are still living on very little income and continue to face challenges during this pandemic. 

CASA is providing rent relief, grocery deliveries, utility assistance, and deliveries of cleaning supplies to the vulnerable population we serve. Keeping residents safely housed and healthy is our priority through the pandemic.

Evictions, Homelessness, and COVID-19

Not having a permanent roof over one’s head presents certain challenges to someone needing to self-isolate. Many homeless shelters across the nation have adopted CDC guidelines such as spacing beds 6 feet apart and arranging them head to toe. Individuals who may be experiencing symptoms or who belong to an increased risk pool are often isolated from other shelter occupants. Even with these measures, living in such close proximity to others puts people experiencing homelessness at greater risk of contracting and spreading COVID-19 than those who are able to shelter in place in their own homes. 

We know that having a permanent place to live is key to avoiding COVID-19, but even those with permanent homes are struggling to afford them. As the economic impacts of COVID-19 deepen, more Americans are losing their income. Some are having to make the difficult decision on whether to pay rent or buy groceries. Housing instability and the threat of homelessness is a common occurrence right now, and it is important that our low income and out-of-work neighbors are receiving the help they need. 

Since the beginning of the pandemic, CASA has been in communication with all its 500+ residents to ensure that they are able to pay their rent and access essential items, like groceries and cleaning supplies. Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we have been able to offer rent relief for those who cannot pay and grocery deliveries and gift cards to those struggling to access these basic items. These actions have kept our residents stably housed and safe from COVID-19. 

You Can Help Prevent Homelessness in Wake, Orange, and Durham Counties

Whether it’s time, money, or energy, there are plenty of ways to support CASA in our efforts to combat homelessness at all times, especially during the COVID-19 crisis. Learn more about the various ways our volunteers and donors continue to support our cause so you can do your part to help your neighbors during this time of need.