Affordable housing options are affecting the lives of millions of families around the nation. As inflation continues to rise, it’s more important now than ever before to help others secure stable housing for survival — especially ahead of the cooler fall and winter months. Below, we’re exploring just a few of the positive effects that affordable housing has had on our communities, as well as the difference that you can make for families in your hometown. 


How has affordable housing benefited communities? 

There are many other benefits of affordable housing beyond the more direct assistance given to the families in need. Additional benefits include: 


  1. Job creation and stability 

Affordable housing serves as a vital support to families, empowering them to propel themselves forward and secure stable jobs which can elevate them to their next level of success. This keeps families mobile, progressing, and contributing, perpetuating the positive cycle of using community assistance as a stepping stone towards success and security.


  1. Local government support 

Creation of affordable housing opportunities has been shown to positively correlate to additional tax revenue by area, supporting local governments in providing additional care and services for those in need. 


  1. Economic growth 

When families are able to find security in affordable housing, they are able to invest more money into both the local and large-scale economies. This new level of buying power not only supports more acute, consumer-driven needs, but can go a long way to promoting security within the larger fiscal infrastructure.


Affordable housing uplifts entire communities 

You’ve likely heard the saying: “A rising tide lifts all boats,” and at CASA, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing this truth firsthand. When our community succeeds, we all do, which is why we’re committed to creating new opportunities for affordable housing solutions for families in need. CASA is a non-profit serving the greater Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas, connecting families with vital resources and assistance. Keep browsing our website for more information and to support a local family near you by donating.