How CASA Helps End Homelessness in NC’s Triangle

Your Gift Makes Affordable Housing Possible

The solution to homelessness
is housing.

The causes of homelessness are complex, but we believe the solution is simple. By providing affordable, high-quality apartment housing, CASA is able to offer dignity and security to people living in poverty in North Carolina’s Triangle region. A permanent place to stay provides the stability that individuals and families need to rebuild their lives.

Become a part of the solution to homelessness with your donation to CASA.

Supportive Housing

Over 40% of people living without housing have a disability. Without a permanent place to live, it can be difficult for these individuals to get the medical attention they need. CASA’s Supportive Housing options are designed to meet the unique needs of people living with disabilities.

Veteran Housing

There are over 150 veterans without a permanent home in the Triangle. CASA gives back to those who have sacrificed so much by providing them with affordable housing. We have several veteran communities, offering a unique support system to our tenants.

Workforce Housing

A quality home shouldn’t be out of reach for individuals who work full-time. Unfortunately, many of North Carolina’s hardest-working people end up in substandard housing. CASA helps these individuals by providing a more affordable option.

Compassionate Landlords

CASA’s work isn’t finished when we hand off the key. We provide thoughtful, individualized property management for all of our tenants. We understand their unique situations and make it our mission that no one in a CASA home ever has to experience homelessness again.

Give the Gift of Housing

CASA relies on the donations of individuals like you to keep housing costs down for our tenants. Your gift goes farther than you might think and every contribution helps. A donation of just $56 will support a CASA household for a full week.

Support CASA with Your Donation

Your donation has the power to change lives. Help CASA build a brighter future for people living without homes in North Carolina by donating today.