solider holding a house model

At CASA, we have a special place in our heart for veterans. We’re proud to honor those who have served by creating affordable housing specifically for veterans. About 20% of CASA’s current tenants are veterans living with disabilities.

Finding affordable housing near VA services and public transportation is often the stepping stone veterans need to restore their health and independence.

Read one veteran’s success story on our website.CASA partners with several other nonprofits in Raleigh who work hard to provide helpful and high-quality services to veterans:

  • Passage Home has two dedicated case managers who focus specifically on veteran housing, employment, and health needs.
  • The Military Veterans and Resource Coalition is a 100% volunteer-run organization connecting Raleigh veterans to agencies who can meet a variety of needs.
  • Transitions LifeCare pairs veteran volunteers with veteran clients to provide special recognition and honor to those who have served at the end of their lives.

Last year, the City of Durham effectively ended veteran homelessness.  You can help Raleigh be the next city to end homelessness among our veterans for good.

Reach out to our team at CASA to donate, volunteer, or learn more.