climate change impacts homlessness

Climate change is one of the biggest problems that the world faces. When trying to help the unhoused community, it can be tempting to ignore global issues like climate change, but that is a mistake. As with many other problems, climate change is impacting the unhoused more quickly and more severely than other people in the community. Learning about how climate change impacts the unhoused is an important first step toward providing them with the help that they need.

Severe Weather is Hard on the Unhoused

The most direct way that climate change impacts the unhoused is with the more frequent and more extreme weather. Those without a place to stay are not able to simply go inside during storms. This is always a problem, but it is made much worse during hurricanes and other extreme weather events. Climate change is causing a dramatic increase in the number of severe storms that take place each year.

Even when there aren’t storms occurring, the day-to-day weather is also more difficult to live with for the unhoused. In the summer, climate change is causing more days that have very high temperatures. In the winter, there are more freezing days. All of these events have a direct impact on everyone, but especially the homeless.

Climate Change Causes Homelessness

In addition to making life for the unhoused more difficult, climate change can also cause more people to become homeless. After a major storm or other catastrophic event, many people are left without anywhere to live. Other people can lose their job or ability to work due to changes in the climate.

When more people become homeless, the resources that are available to help are stretched extremely thin. Everything from shelters to clothing and food are all more difficult to come by when there are more people who require those types of resources.


Helping the Homeless with CASA

Everyone has a role to play in helping the homeless in their communities and around the world. For many, this will begin with taking steps to reduce their own environmental impact. Aside from that, you can connect with CASA today to take the first step in helping end homelessness in the Triangle.