The Importance of Accessible Living Spaces Insights into Disability Housing

People living with a disability are at increased risk of homelessness, and those without a permanent home have reduced health outcomes and quality of life. At CASA, our mission is to develop permanent, accessible, and affordable housing for people with disabilities. And the impact we have on their lives can be immense. 

Why Is Accessible Disability Housing So Important?

Safe and secure housing is something that many of us take for granted, but housing for people living with a disability can be anything but secure. People with a disability are more likely to:

  • Live in precarious housing situations
  • Live in poverty
  • Have increased monthly costs related to their disability

They are also more likely to face rejection from landlords. Over 40% of people who are homeless have a disability, while they make up only 17% of the entire population. 

The Benefits of Accessible Housing

Research has shown time and time again that the outcomes for people with a disability when they have access to accessible housing are far better. It has positive health and social impacts on so many levels. 

These include improved mental health, better survival rates, reduced falls and injuries, increased self-confidence, greater social participation, more independence, and enhanced privacy. 

What CASA in Raleigh, NC Is Doing To Help

At CASA, we believe in the importance of providing accessible and affordable housing for people with disabilities. Because of this, we have developed specialized housing to support those with disabilities to live happier, healthier lives. 

Our housing is affordable and is managed compassionately. There is access to 24-hour maintenance and monthly check-ins and inspections that make sure our tenants are properly safe and supported. No one should have to live in homelessness, especially those who are the most vulnerable. 

How You Can Support Our Work

If you believe, as we do, in the importance of supporting people with disabilities with affordable and accessible housing, donate to CASA of Raleigh, NC. Your gift will help to support our current tenants and allow us to plan for future tenants. Our goal is to ensure that as many people with disabilities in the Triangle as possible are provided with safe, secure housing. Together, we truly can make a difference. 

It is true that, currently, people with disabilities are at a much higher risk of homelessness, and poor physical and mental health related to their housing situation. At CASA, we are doing everything in our power to reduce this number, and we believe in our mission to support as many people with disabilities as possible. There is hope for the future, and disability housing can become more accessible for all.