Tina is a great friend and an incredible fundraiser. She was introduced to CASA three years ago and quickly jumped at the opportunity to join our volunteer fundraising committee. Since that fateful first meeting, Tina has proved to be a generous and incredibly passionate partner time and time again.

Tina is the Raleigh Division President at Primary Residential Mortgage Inc., where she works to make home financing as convenient as possible. Her knowledge of the housing industry lends to her understanding of the hardship and difficulty many people have accessing conventional housing. During her time on CASA’s volunteer fundraising committee, Tina has helped us gain sponsorships, introduced us to new supporters, and secured dozens of raffle and auction prizes for our annual fundraiser.

On multiple occasions, Tina has reached out to CASA staff asking to do more. In early 2020, Tina gave a heartfelt speech at one of our fundraising events about her personal connection to CASA’s mission and her desire to give back. She has personally provided extra support for a family with children over the holidays, and she coordinated supply donations on our behalf. Tina is an amazing advocate for CASA.

Tina says, “The families that Casa represents are important to me, because they could be any of us.  If the pandemic of 2020 tells us anything, it tells us that we could all have housing concerns in the blink of an eye, regardless of any of our own actions.  Leading from generosity is the only way that we who are blessed with job security and savings should be moving forward.”

Tina—thank you for being you. Thank you for your generosity, your kindness, and your constant willingness to help. We are so glad you found us!