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Frequently Asked Question, Referrals & Applications

At CASA, we believe that no one should be forced to experience homelessness. That’s why we work to create high-quality and affordable houses for people living in poverty in Raleigh and the rest of North Carolina’s Research Triangle. We also provide personalized and compassionate property management. If you or someone you know is currently living without a permanent home, learn how you can apply to move into a CASA apartment.

CASA: The Solution to Homelessness Is Affordable Housing

CASA provides homes for a variety of different communities with housing options targeted towards their unique needs. CASA tenants usually spend around 30% of their income on rent.

Supportive Housing for Individuals With Disabilities

We recognize that the effects of homelessness can make certain disabilities difficult to manage. That’s why CASA provides hundreds of apartments built to meet the unique needs of individuals with physical or mental disabilities. At least one member of a family must be living with a disability to qualify for supportive housing. That individual, a family member, or a support provider can turn in the first phase of the application.


Workforce Housing for Individuals With Low Incomes

We also work to create better housing options for people with low incomes. These workforce apartments are available for households with a minimum yearly income of $16,000. There are also maximum income caps to apply.