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General Information

What is CASA?

CASA is a non-profit dedicated to providing and managing affordable housing options in Wake, Durham, and Orange counties in North Carolina. We provide supportive housing for people living with disabilities, veteran housing, and workforce housing for people with low to moderate income.

Can CASA provide emergency housing and/or financial assistance?

CASA only provides permanent rental housing.

How much rent do CASA tenants pay?

Most CASA tenants pay about 30% of their income in rent each month.

Does CASA accept housing vouchers?

Housing vouchers are government-funded rental subsidies, often referred to as a Housing Choice voucher, Shelter + Care voucher, or a HUD-VASH for veterans. CASA accepts these vouchers, and many of our apartments prioritize applicants who use them.

Is CASA housing smoke-free?

CASA is phasing in a smoke-free policy for many of our properties and hopes to be entirely smoke free in the future.

Supportive Housing

For individuals with a disability verified by a qualified professional.  Composes about 70% of CASA’s housing units.

Who qualifies for CASA’s Supportive Housing?

People living with disabilities or families in which at least one member is living with a disability qualify for Supportive Housing. CASA offers a variety of housing options to meet the needs of different people, so qualifications vary by unit.

How do I apply to CASA Supportive Housing?

The application for housing may be completed by the individual living with disability, or another person or organization that provides support. Any support individual may also want to list their information on the application.

Part 1 of the Supportive Housing Application is available year-round. Completing this enters you into our applicant pool. Each apartment matches specific needs, so be sure to update CASA on any changes in homelessness status, voucher status, income, family size, or address to improve your chances of being matched to an open unit. When an apartment becomes available, you will be asked to complete Part 2 and turn in required documents.

Will a background check be completed?

A criminal background check and other checks will be completed as a part of the final application.  Having an eviction or criminal conviction in your past does not automatically disqualify you from CASA’s housing options.

How long does it take to get a CASA apartment?

Since each unit has unique eligibility requirements, it is difficult to predict when you will qualify for an apartment with CASA. The process may take years, so applicants should explore other options while they wait.

Who can submit a Supportive Housing Application?

Anyone with a disability can apply for CASA Supportive Housing.  Any individual or agency who can provide support to an individual or family is welcome to assist an applicant with a Supportive Housing Application.  A supportive individual or agency may want to list their own information on that application so CASA is aware of this important source of support.  Please review CASA’s Supportive Housing Referral information page to learn more.  

Where can I find other housing resources?

Contact the county where you live to find out more about services in your area:

  • Wake County Coordinated Intake: 919-861-1195
  • Durham and Wake County Behavioral Healthcare: website or 800-510-9132
  • Orange, Person, and Chatham County Cardinal Innovations: website or 919-913-4000 (toll free: 800-939-5911)


Workforce Housing

For individuals or families who earn a modest wage.  Composes about 30% of CASA’s housing units.

Who qualifies for CASA Workforce Housing?

CASA Workforce Housing is for people and families with low or modest incomes. For this reason, Workforce Housing has minimum and maximum income requirements. Tenants must have a total income of more than $16,000 to qualify. Workforce Housing makes up about 30% of our apartments.

How do I apply for CASA Workforce Housing?

Applications are only available when the housing becomes available. Vacancies will be posted on the CASA website, Craigslist and SocialServe. These postings will include links to the application.

There is no waiting list for workforce housing, and applicants are processed on a first come, first serve basis. Your application will be turned in with a $25.00 background check fee, which is non-refundable.