In March, CASA is overflowing with gratitude for our CASA Champions!  These supporters, who commit to making monthly gifts to support CASA’s mission throughout the year, are truly champions – now more than ever.

CASA Champions sign up to make monthly donations that keep us going all year long.  Around 50 incredible supporters give whatever they can – from $10 to $100 or more! – each month, providing essential funds to help where it’s needed most, so we can support nearly 500 households and move more of our neighbors out of homelessness and into a CASA home.

When we planned to recognize our Champions as our featured Partner of the Month, we had no idea we’d be facing a pandemic, resulting in lost employment and other services on which many of our tenants rely.  The steady flow of support we receive from our Champions is more important now than it has ever been!  As we adjusted to the reality of the coronavirus stay at home orders during the second half of March, we reached out to all of our tenants to see how they were doing and to assess what they would need to stay safe at home during this crisis.  We heard just what you’d expect –  our tenants who have lost income need help paying their rent, tenants with disabilities need assistance accessing services, and all of our residents need reliable information about how to stay safe from people they trust.  They’re running low on toilet paper and cleaning supplies.  They’re hearing that the food pantries they once relied on are running out of food.  And they’re turning to us for support.

Thanks to hundreds of donors and our incredible monthly supporters, we’re confident that we’ll be able to stand with our tenants throughout the duration of this crisis.  We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing commitment to ending homelessness, CASA Champions!