CASA is so excited to recognize Dan Ryan Builders for their enthusiastic support of CASA’s mission as our November Partner of the Month.  As we’ve gotten to know the local team at Dan Ryan Builders, we’ve learned they are a hardworking group of busy people that make it a priority to give back to the community.

dan ryan builders at casa fundraiser

Since 2014, Dan Ryan Builders has supported CASA’s Solution Campaign to end homelessness every year.  Their support helps us cover costs beyond what our tenants can afford to pay for rent.

“We are truly grateful that the team at Dan Ryan Builders reaches a hand across the housing continuum to support our affordable rental housing in the Triangle.  We are truly in this together, to help people live the lives they dream of,” says CASA’s CEO Mary Jean Seyda.

Julie Knight, Dan Ryan Builders’ Community Relations Manager, serves on CASA’s Resource Development Committee and provides great energy, insight and inspiration.  “As homebuilders, we enjoy such a noble and rewarding profession,” says Jay Lewis, Dan Ryan Builders division president.  “For us, it is a natural extension to serve CASA and their mission.  The solution to homelessness is housing; who better to serve that cause than us.”

CASA is so proud to be one of the organizations that Dan Ryan Builders supports in the Triangle, and we applaud their commitment to helping people live a better life.