CASA is happy to celebrate Strowd Roses as our November Partner of the Month!

Strowd Roses, Inc. is a private charitable foundation established in 2001 under the will of Mrs. Irene Harrison Strowd of Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  They support local organizations working to improve the lives in Chapel Hill-Carrboro.  They also provide for the on-going maintenance and care of the Gene Strowd Community Rose Garden, a free and public space in Chapel Hill.

Strowd Roses has supported CASA’s affordable housing mission in Orange County for eight years, with gifts totaling over $37,000.  They have supported every aspect of CASA’s mission, giving to pre-development work for our future community on Merritt Mill Road; bolstering our Housing Solution Fund to support our current tenants in their apartments; and giving to our COVID Response Fund, to provide rent relief and grocery assistance to our tenants during the healthcare and economic crises.

“Strowd Roses has a longstanding commitment to supporting local nonprofit organizations that provide affordable housing options for our most vulnerable community members.  We feel so fortunate that CASA has put down roots in Chapel Hill.  Their model of holistic support for a broad population of tenants is one that respectfully and effectively facilitates access to something that is essential for an individual’s wellbeing – a safe and permanent home,” says Caroline Pence, Program Officer.

Thank you for being such an incredible partner for CASA in Chapel Hill-Carrboro!