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Housing For Individuals Living With Disability

Over 40% of people living without permanent housing have disabilities, and having a physical or behavioral health issue makes living on the streets even more difficult. That’s why CASA has made it their mission to provide these individuals with specialized and affordable housing.

Affordable Supportive Housing for Individuals with Disabilities in North Carolina

It can be difficult for a person with a disability to become established without the security and stability of a home that meets their unique needs.  Without a permanent place to live, these individuals also have a difficult time getting the proper treatment and are more likely to be the victims of crimes.

CASA formed 26 years ago to provide these individuals with the specialized housing they need to get a fresh start.

Through affordable rent on high-quality homes and compassionate property management, we work to keep our residents from ever experiencing homelessness again. We provide 24-hour maintenance and monthly inspections to ensure our tenants are having their needs met.

With our help, our residents report fewer hospitalizations and enjoy higher self-esteem, improved health, and the dignity of a home.

Support Disability Housing with Your Gift to CASA

We rely on the generous contributions of individuals like you to keep our housing costs low. Help people with disabilities with your gift.