No matter where you go, there will be people who lack the resources needed for proper housing. Sadly, Durham, NC is by no means exempt from this. There are many people in our community who lack homes, including a disproportionately high number of veterans.

The good news is that anybody can make a difference and lend a helping hand to those in need by doing a few simple things. Consider just a few practical ways to address homelessness in Durham, NC.

How to Help the Homeless in Durham, NC

A few ways to get involved in the fight against homelessness in Durham, NC include:

  •   Make cards. Do a little research to learn about local organizations that offer shelter or other types of housing assistance. Write down some basic contact information on a card. Make a few of these cards and keep them handy to distribute to people in need.
  •   Donate clothing. Local homeless shelters are always looking for donations of clothing, particularly clothing that is new or like-new condition. Note that socks are especially valued at most shelters.
  •   Fundraise. There are countless ways to raise money that you can then pass along to a local homelessness organization. Start a GoFundMe. Organize a bake sale. Get your local community involved.
  •   Educate yourself. Make sure you stay up to date on any homelessness initiatives that are discussed within your local government. Be knowledgeable about referendums, elections, and more. Remember that public policy can have a big impact on homelessness rates.
  •   Donate to CASA. Finally, consider making a financial contribution to CASA. Our organization has provided housing support for hundreds of individuals in the Durham, NC area. You can make a donation simply by visiting our website.


Get Involved. Help the Homeless in Durham, NC

There are so many people who need a helping hand as they seek to get back on their feet and to find long-term housing solutions. At CASA, we are proud to play a part, and we invite you to join us. Learn more about our organization and all the things we do to address homelessness in Durham, NC.