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The Denson Apartments for Veterans, Durham

Denson Apartments Phase I completed November 2014

On November 18, 2014 CASA opened 11 units of permanent supportive housing for Durham veterans with a history of homelessness and living with disabilities (pictured below). Tenants at the Denson Apartments for Veterans have a lease and pay rent just like they would for any other apartment, but their rent to CASA is affordable for them. Tenants have access to services and supports through a variety of community-based service partners and the VA Medical Center.

The Denson Apartments for Veterans, Phase I

Honoring Alex Denson

Alex Denson, a retired judge and long-time advocate for our community’s homeless, served as CASA’s 3rd Board Chair. Alex is also a veteran. In the early 90s, he was at the forefront of efforts in Raleigh to develop an adequate homeless shelter, at a time when persons experiencing homelessness lacked safe places to go even during cold, dangerous nights. Because of this work, Alex was invited to join the board of a newly formed organization called CASA, whose mission was to create permanent homes for low-wealth persons with disabilities, many of whom Alex was seeing night after night in the shelter. A crucial leader on our Board for nine years, Alex shared with us his thoughts on naming the Denson Apartments in his honor (more).

The Denson Apartments for Veterans, Phase II

Denson Phase II completed September 2016

With funding from the City of Durham, the Home Depot Foundation, and community donors, Denson Phase II was completed in September 2016.  12 formerly homeless veterans living with a disability moved into an adjacent building on the same property in October.  Tenants in both Phases of the Denson Apartments pay 30% of their income on housing expenses.  CASA’s Solution Campaign raises funds to cover the gap between what tenants can afford to pay and the cost to operate and maintain the property.


The Denson Apartments for Veterans, Phase I opened November 2014 housing 11 veterans