There are many in Raleigh, North Carolina, without a home. But there are none who should go without help. Below is a list of resources dedicated to helping fight homelessness in Raleigh. You can do your part by connecting someone experiencing homelessness with any of the following organizations to see that they get the assistance they need. 


Urban Ministries of Wake County has a food pantry open four days a week that supplies a week’s worth of food to each visiting household, including fresh produce, frozen meats, and canned goods. 


Shepherd’s Table is a soup kitchen that serves meals to people experiencing homelessness from 11 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday. 


People experiencing homelessness may visit Helping Hand Mission during the colder months to receive free coats, gloves, and other warm clothing. 


Raleigh Rescue Mission offers an emergency shelter along with long-term recovery programs designed to help people break free from the things that led to homelessness.

Mental Health/Substance Abuse

People experiencing homelessness in Raleigh may visit the North Carolina Division of Health and Human Services for addiction and substance abuse services and mental health services. 

Youth Outreach

Wrenn House is a resource for youths experiencing homelessness and runaway teens to receive shelter and participate in intervention programs. 

Day Services

People experiencing homelessness may visit Oak City Cares to have a meal, grab a shower, receive medical treatment, do some laundry, use a phone or computer, and more.

Domestic and Sexual Violence

InterAct aims to end the cycle of domestic and sexual violence by providing emergency shelter, counseling, court advocacy, crisis hotlines, and more.

Long-Term Housing Solutions

CASA offers long-term housing solutions for people experiencing homelessness in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and surrounding communities. CASA provides affordable housing for lower-income individuals, families, veterans, and people living with disabilities. CASA is more than just a temporary or emergency shelter. It’s stable and long-term housing so people can live, work, and be an active part of a community. 


You can do your part by donating to CASA or by exploring the various volunteer opportunities available. Consider getting involved with CASA’s mission to end homelessness in Raleigh, NC.