This month, CASA is celebrating the sponsors of our Safe at Home Fall Fundraiser as our Partners of the Month!  Like the people who are first on the scene of a new construction site, our sponsors lay the foundation for every event to make sure we start off strong and reach our goal.

This year, with the economic situation so uncertain and our event so different from what we’ve done in the past, it means even more when someone agrees to sponsor our event.  We know that our sponsors are trusting us with their investment to make affordable housing available to more of our neighbors, and we take that very seriously.  We’re so excited to be providing our current tenants with the extra support they need right now AND to be moving ahead with plans to put more apartments on the ground in all three counties – and we can do that because our supporters are still with us, giving like they always have, increasing their gifts, or giving for the first time in the middle of this crazy year, and we are so very grateful.

Check out our list of amazing sponsors and say thank you to them if you see them or do business with them!  Then, join them on Thursday to build on they foundation they’ve laid for our first ever virtual fundraising event and help us reach our $100k goal.  Thank you, Sponsors!