Debra-KingWhat would you do if your life looked totally different by the end of the day?

I think about our brothers and sisters in Texas in storm-ravaged areas who have to be wondering if their lives will ever be the same.

I think about the folks in the tourism industry in that area who counted on Labor Day weekend to support them through the rest of the winter.

Suddenly people who never imagined that they would be homeless cannot go back to their homes.  Their entire lives are gone, wiped out.  Their pictures, their kids’ trophies, their wedding albums ruined or lost.

I think about the courage I see in the faces of those from Texas.  Their resilience – their ability to be grateful that they and their family members are alive.

I think about first responders – and neighbors helping neighbors.

And I am reminded that I do not have to turn on the television to see the best in people.  I can look right here in my home community and see examples every day of people living their lives courageously – and of others lending a helping hand.

So, this week, we’ve been encouraging each other at CASA to take heart.  It is easy to feel overwhelmed by what we are seeing – it is difficult to know how to help.  Do what you can where you can and know that even the smallest kindness makes a difference.

Wishing you a safe and peaceful holiday weekend.