CASA's Sixth Annual Cabin for CASA Memorial Fundraiser

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Thank you for making the 2019 Cabin for CASA a huge success!

We raised over $140,000 to support CASA’s affordable housing mission!

The Cabin for CASA is CASA’s signature fundraising event, held in loving memory of founding Board member Lynn Robertson DeMent and CASA’s longtime CEO, Debra King.  We’re expecting 300 guests to join us to celebrate another year of affordable housing and raise funds to support our affordable housing mission. We’ll have music, drinks, small plates, and a silent auction and raffle – and a few surprises!

We raised more money than we ever have at a single event, thanks to our generous sponsors and guests!  Together, we raised the funds to support 42 CASA households for a full year.  We’re so grateful to be part of a giving and caring community of supporters.  Thank you!

2019 Sponsors

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Cabin for CASA FAQs

What is the Cabin for CASA raising money for?

CASA is a nonprofit affordable housing agency, which relies on the support of the community to live out our mission.  Event tickets, raffle tickets, and donations from the Cabin for CASA all go to support nearly 500 low-income CASA households across the Triangle.  It’s a party to help us ensure that our tenants will never face homelessness again! 

What is QTego?

QTego is our new online auction website, which allows you to bid on auction items from your phone.  It will make bidding on prizes a breeze!  You can also use the site to place bids on items before the event, or from home if you can’t attend.

Do I have to download an app?

Nope!  QTego has a mobile-friendly website where you can view auction items.  You can also bid on items via text message.

How do I buy tickets?

You can buy tickets on the QTego website.  Click on “Buy Now” under “Purchase Tickets.”  Please be sure to include your name as you would like to printed on your nametag, and your mobile phone number.

How do I register my credit card?

To register your credit card, visit the QTego website and click on “Reigster for Event.” A pop up message will appear prompting you for your basic contact information and credit card number.

Your credit card is secure!  You’ll want to complete this step before the event so you can participate in the silent auction and raffle.  Be sure to provide a cell phone number where you can receive text messages the night of the event. 

How do I bid on auction items?

To bid on an auction item, you must first register your credit card through the QTego website. Right after Labor Day, we’ll upload some auction items and let the games begin!

If you prefer to wait until the night of the event to bid on auction items, you may still want to register your card ahead of time, to save time when you arrive.  Having your credit card on file will make check out easy at the end of the night.

If you’d like to play without registering a credit card, simply visit the Guest Assistance table when you arrive at the Cabin on Sept 19.  Staff can help you place bids or check out with cash or check at the end of the evening.

Do I have to attend the event to bid on auction items?

No!  You don’t have to buy a ticket to play along with the Cabin auction.  You do, however, need to register your credit card via the QTego site.  The auction opens right after Labor Day.

How do I buy raffle tickets?

You can buy raffle tickets from event staff as soon as you arrive at the Cabin on Sept 19.

You can also buy tickets in advance of the event, and we’ll fill out your name and information for you ahead of time!  You’ll just pick up your raffle tickets with your nametag.  To pre-purchase raffle tickets, visit the QTego site.  You can purchase tickets in packets of five, for $20/packet.  Please note that your credit card will not be charged for raffle tickets purchased in advance until the night of the event. 

Is registering the same thing as buying a ticket?

No.  Buying a ticket will reserve your spot at the Cabin, but you’ll need to register your credit card on the QTego site in order to purchase raffle tickets in advance or participate in the online auction.  Registering connects your credit card with our system so bidding on items or making a donation is simple and quick.

If you don’t want to register a credit card, staff can assist you the night of the event.

What's a cocktail raffle?

Wine and beer are included in the price of your ticket, but you might want a fancy specialty cocktail instead!  A speciality cocktail will be on sale at the outside bar for $50/each.  Every cocktail purchased enters you into a raffle for $500 cash!  Find the cocktail raffle station on the porch as soon as you arrive to purchase your drink. 

What's a wine pull?

A wine pull is a raffle that everyone wins!  For $20, you get to pull a wine cork with a number that corresponds to a mystery bottle of wine.  You could win a bottle of wine worth more than $20, or a bottle with a little extra something to go with it!  Even if you get a $20 bottle for your $20, you’ll enjoy a great bottle for a great cause.  Play at the beginning of the evening and we’ll hold your winning wine bottles for you to pick up on your way out.

Do I have to use valet parking?

Yes.  Valet parking is required at Whitaker and Atlantic.  The service, including tips for the drivers, is free.  If you don’t like valet, we recommend ridesharing or taking an Uber/Lyft to the event.

Can I buy a ticket the night of the event?

We don’t recommend it.  Last year, we sold out weeks before the Cabin for CASA!  Please purchase your tickets ahead of time, and quick – before they sell out!

I have questions. Who do I call?

For any questions about the event, the auction, purchasing tickets, or registering your credit card, call Emma at 919-307-3451.  At the event, visit a table marked “Guest Assistance” all night long for help.