Tahirah moved into her CASA apartment with her teenage daughter and infant grandson.  “I’ve always been independent,” she says.  “My life just sorta messed up.  When I got divorced, that’s went everything went downhill and the job that I was working was not sufficient to pay the bills and that’s when the homelessness began.”  Tahirah and her family lived in their car or stayed a few nights here and there with friends.  “Several times we had to sleep in the car, and go wash up in restaurant bathrooms…couch hopping, it was really hard.”

Tahirah knew she needed some support.  “It wasn’t just homelessness for me, it’s also mental health too,” she said. “Those are the two major things that I battled and now I feel better because now I feel like, you know, I’m not as stressed as I used to be.”  She got connected to CASA through Oak City Cares and now she and her family are settled into their two bedroom apartment in Raleigh.  Her daughter is thriving: “She’s grateful and she’s excited to have a bedroom of her home, not have to worry about me worrying about a place to stay. She was stressed ‘cause I was stressed.”

Tahirah recently landed a work-from-home job and she is doing great.  “I thank you guys for everything,” she says, flashing her amazing smile.

The REALTOR(R) Foundation of Wake County helped Tahirah furnish her apartment.  Take a look!