One of CASA’s most loveable communities is standing on a quiet street in Knightdale.  Converted from a home for teachers, the Hester Street Apartments are home to eight single adults who are living with disabilities.  What’s special about them is not the location or the building itself, but the relationships among the people who live there.

The eight tenants at Hester Street are friends.  They sit on the porch together daily.  They know each other’s schedules.  They check on each other if they haven’t seen someone for a while.  When one of them is sick, the others pitch in to take care of them.  When the electricity goes out, they all huddle in one apartment and order pizza.  They give each other rides to the grocery store or the doctor; they take bus rides together to visit their kids or parents.  This building is home to a real and wonderful community.

Check out one of our favorite videos ever about the Hester Street community: