Exploring the Unseen Impact of Homelessness in North Carolina

According to the USICH, there are approximately 9,200 individuals in North Carolina experiencing homelessness at any given time as of 2020. The impacts of homelessness in Durham NC are creating new areas of need in local communities. We at CASA of Raleigh, NC want to make a difference. Read on to learn more about the unseen consequences of homelessness in the local North Carolina community, and how CASA is working to make a difference across the surrounding cities as a homelessness nonprofit.

Higher rates of COVID-19 exposure

For those experiencing homelessness, life on the streets is often limiting. Opportunities for personal hygiene and proper healthcare may be minimal or nonexistent, and many homelessness nonprofits have not been able to meet the dynamic needs of the homeless in the wake of COVID-19. Because of this, those who are sick are often forced to find new places to stay in order to comply with city regulations and enforcements, and accessing medical care from low-cost or free clinics in the Raleigh area becomes difficult.

The pandemic has strained the general population and surrounding areas and has created an increased need in healthcare, hygiene, and protective resources for the homeless community in the greater Chapel Hill, NC area.

Fractured educational opportunities

Teenagers and youth experiencing homelessness may not have resources to attend school regularly. Adults may also have received an incomplete education, which can further limit their ability to secure the financial resources necessary for adequate housing and quality of life.

Homelessness nonprofits like CASA provide the building blocks to meet educational needs. Funding and donations assist these organizations in ending homelessness for individuals and families, allowing them to seek educational opportunities.

Chronic and acute health disparities

Experiencing homelessness limits the ability for many to seek healthcare, including the acute needs that COVID-19 have brought about. These health disparities can cause yet more challenges for those experiencing homelessness in Raleigh by further limiting the ability of people to secure work, funding, and housing. While free clinics are available on a limited basis, many struggle to make and keep appointments. It is also difficult to access appointments at health clinics when relying on public transportation.

You can make a difference in Raleigh, NC

Donating can change the lives of people in your community. CASA helps those currently experiencing homelessness and works to secure more stable living situations for them while enhancing overall quality of life. For more information on how best to provide help, please visit our ways to support page, or reach out to us at 919-754-9960.