team of volunteers helping improve a casa knightdale community

Earlier this month, CASA was happy to receive some much-needed help improving one of our properties in Knightdale.

First, Todd Myatt of Myatt Landscaping and Gary Mazur of Envisions Pavers and Wall Systems came out to Hester St. and dug up a 4-6 foot section of a sidewalk leading up to the porch that had become cracked and dipped. Envisions donated their time to design and install pavers to widen the walkway and improve the look and safety of the sidewalk, while the materials for this walkway were donated by Wake Stone.

Then on May 9, more than 40 members of the Sales and Marketing Council of the Raleigh-Wake Home Builders Association came out in force to spread gravel and mulch, plant grass seed, scrub the front porch, and build new benches for our tenants to enjoy.

The supplies for the project were purchased with grant support from the Town of Knightdale.

Knightdale Tenants React

CASA’s Knightdale, North Carolina, community is home to eight individuals who live with disabilities. The tenants were especially excited about their new porch furniture and a new bird feeder that sits right off the porch.

“I sit out here all the time,” long-time resident Anita says. “I love it here. The neighborhood is so nice and people wave as they go by. It’s safe here and that’s the most important thing!”

Another tenant, Jenna, is particularly interested in watching the birds that come to the yard. “I’ve seen a bluebird, a cardinal, and lots of other birds out here,” she says. “I love watching them.”

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