Originally called Decoration Day, Memorial Day was instituted shortly after the Civil War. It marked a time for all Americans to unite and honor those who died after the country had nearly been ripped apart. This played a large role in helping America to heal and reunite. 


Memorial Day continues to be a day to pause and remember the sacrifices of so many who died protecting our country. This day is also a reminder to support our living veterans, including those experiencing homelessness. Continue reading to learn more. 

4 Ways to Help Veterans on Memorial Day

Honor a Memorial Day tradition

Attend a parade. Wear a poppy of remembrance. Take a moment of silence during the National Moment of Remembrance. There are many Memorial Day traditions that are easy to participate in and integrate into your family’s tradition. See if there are any Memorial Day events taking place in your community so you can show veterans your support. 

Volunteer at a veteran cemetery

Many veteran cemeteries allow volunteers to place flags or flowers on each veteran’s grave in honor of Memorial Day. While many graves are well attended to by living relatives, many gravesites may not be visited. Volunteering at your local veteran cemetery will allow you to ensure that every veteran is honored and will bring encouragement to living veterans who come to share their respects.

Offer your company

Memorial Day is a somber day for all, but for veterans it can be extremely painful and lonely. Ask a veteran or military family to come over for dinner. If they’d prefer solitude, offer to bring dinner to their front door. You can always visit a veterans hospital or veterans care facility to offer your company and to thank them for their service. 

Support living veterans

Unfortunately, a staggeringly high number of individuals experiencing homelessness are veterans. Perhaps the best way to honor our living veterans is to partner with an organization that is equipped to provide affordable housing for veterans

By supporting CASA, you directly support our veteran tenants and make room for additional housing possibilities for veterans in Durham, North Carolina, and across the Triangle. Choose a one-time or ongoing gift to show your support for veterans this Memorial Day. Give us a call or fill out our simple donation form today.