Wake County Resources

Check out the Wake Network of Care for help with everything from healthcare to childcare.

Highlighted resources:

Orange County Resources

Check out the Orange County Network of Care or OCConnect for help with everything from healthcare to childcare.

Highlighted Resources:

  • Looking for mental health or behavioral healthcare resources? Contact Cardinal Innovations for assessment, referral, and other help: 1-800-939-5911.
Durham County Resources

Check out the Durham Network of Care for help with everything from healthcare to childcare.

Highlighted Resources:

  • Need help with your rent in Durham County? Call the Durham Dept of Social Services and ask about the Eviction Diversion Program:  919-560-8000
  • Looking for mental health or behavioral healthcare resources? Calling Alliance Health is the first step: (800) 510-9132


CASA Related questions

What is CASA’s Mission?
CASA’s mission is to provide access to stable, affordable housing for people who are homeless or at risk by developing and managing rental communities.

How does CASA keep my housing affordable?
CASA tenants pay 30% of their income on rent, no matter what their income is. To bridge the gap between what our tenants can afford to pay and what it costs to maintain our apartments, we receive federal funding from HUD and we fundraise in the community. We work with our residents to make sure their apartments remain affordable for their own individual budgets.

I have a friend that needs housing, how can they live with CASA?
CASA is not accepting new applications currently.  Your friend should keep an eye on our “Live with CASA” page on our website and sign up to receive updates on important information. If your friend needs emergency housing, click the “additional resources” button for a list of emergency shelters in the area.

Where are CASA’s properties located?
CASA is a local organization, operating in the Triangle region of North Carolina. We have apartments in Wake, Durham, and Orange Counties. When developing apartments, we prioritize locations on bus routes and near things like grocery stores and hospitals. Being accessible to public transportation is extremely important to us.

How can I help CASA’s Mission?
Many of you have noted that one thing CASA needs to do is build more apartments for more people in our community. One way that you can help us do that is by sharing your story. Tenant stories help us explain why CASA’s work is so important. We share them with donors who support our work and potential tenants who are learning more about us. Your story could be featured on our social media, webpage, in a newsletter, or at an event. If you would like to share your photo and little about your experience with CASA, please call or email Emma at 919-307-3451 or email hidden; JavaScript is required.

How can I give feedback to CASA about my experience?
CASA is always open and eager to hear from our tenants how we can improve and best serve them. The best way to submit feedback is to complete a Customer Service postcard, or through your annual recertification survey. Postcards will be delivered to tenant’s units periodically and after maintenance completes a work order.

Rent and Payment Questions

What is CASA’s rent policy?
Tenant’s portion of rent is due and payable on the first (1st) day of each month and considered late after 5:00 PM, on the tenth (10th) day of each month. We do not charge late fee until after the tenth (10th) day of the month. As a reminder, CASA offers an automated draft rent payment option in which your rent amount is drafted directly from your bank account. Contact your Housing Specialist to set up automatic payments and help avoid late fees.

Does CASA evict tenants due to non-payment of rent?
It is not CASA’s desire to evict a tenant. It is our hope that tenants prioritize their monthly rent payments to remain a valued resident, however we understand that this may not always be possible. CASA staff are available to provide tenants with resources should they be experiencing challenges that are preventing them from making timely rent payments. Should we begin the legal process against you due to non-payment of rent, please contact your Housing Specialist for assistance.

Why was my rent payment sent back?
It is CASA’s policy to not accept partial rent payments. Any partial payments received are returned to the tenant via mail. If you have questions regarding a returned payment or your balance due, we encourage you to contact the front desk or your Housing Specialist.

I am struggling financially, is there anything CASA can do to help me?
CASA strives to be a kinder, gentler landlord.  We want to provide tenants with an affordable and stable place to live. If you are experiencing challenges, we encourage you to contact your Housing Specialist as soon as you are able. We will do all we can to provide you with resources that can help you live successfully in your CASA unit.

Maintenance Related Questions

Something in my apartment is broken or not working properly, how do I report it?
If something in your unit does not work properly or is broken, please contact the front desk to submit a work order. You can call the main line 919-754-9960 and speak with the Receptionist, or you can email us at email hidden; JavaScript is required. We do not recommend contacting your Housing Specialist directly regarding a maintenance issue, because your Housing Specialist may not be able to put in your work order immediately.

I put in a work order, how long will it take Maintenance to fix my issue?
All work orders are assessed within 48 hours. Maintenance Technicians work to address your issues as quickly as possible, however, some issues require more time to be addressed depending on the nature of the issue. Should you have questions regarding the status of your work order, please contact the front desk.

What happens if a staff member comes into my apartment when I am not home?
According to CASA’s Lease Agreement Section 7:
“CASA reserves the right to enter the Premises during reasonable times for any inspections, maintenance, extermination, alterations, or improvements deemed necessary or desirable in CASA’s sole discretion. CASA reserves the right to enter the Premises, with or without notice to Tenant at any time deemed necessary in CASA’s sole discretion to protect life or prevent damage to the Premises.”
If a staff member enters your unit when you are not present, a note will be left either in the unit or attached to the door.  CASA performs regular preventative maintenance on every unit. This schedule is outlined on the Tenant Community Rules and Regulations.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding staff entry into your unit, please contact your Housing Specialist.

What happens if I am locked out of my apartment or need a new key to my apartment, laundry room, or mailbox?
If you need to replace your apartment, laundry room, or mailbox key, contact the front desk to put in a work order. Tenants can pick up their key(s) at the front desk or request delivery.
If you are locked out of your apartment, please contact the front desk. Please note that these services do incur a fee.

Leasing Related Questions

Who is my Housing Specialist?
Housing Specialists are responsible for assisting you with any questions or issues related to your housing and providing tenants with a safe and comfortable home environment.  If you are unsure of who your Housing Specialist is, contact the front desk and ask the receptionist to connect you.

What is an annual recertification?
CASA tenants are required to submit updated household information to determine any rent changes. CASA Housing Specialists send out notifications 120 days prior to your renewal date. Tenants will continue to receive reminders until all required verifications are submitted and recertification paperwork is signed. It is important that tenants provide the required verifications as soon as possible, as failure to complete the recertification process results in lease non-compliance.
We recommend tenants prioritize their recertification as soon as the first notification is sent out. CASA Housing Specialists are available to assist tenants if they have trouble acquiring verifications.

How do I make an appointment with my Housing Specialist?
If you need to speak to your Housing Specialist, we recommend you contact them to schedule an appointment. Scheduling an appointment ensures that your Housing Specialist will be available to hear your concerns, because they have set aside time to focus on you.
To make an appointment with your Housing Specialist, please contact them via phone or email and request an appointment, including details about what you would like to discuss. Please allow at least 24 hours for the Housing Specialist to respond to your phone call or email. Contact information for all leasing specialists is listed at the bottom of this page.

Is CASA able to transfer tenants to other units?
CASA considers every tenant’s request to transfer to a different unit. Due to the high demand for affordable housing, CASA does not have a large number of units available at any given time and will not be able to honor every request.
If you desire to transfer to another CASA unit, please put your request in writing and detail the reason for your request. You will receive a response within thirty (30) days of submission.

What if I wanted to add another occupant to my lease?
Tenants interested in adding another member to their lease will need to contact their Housing Specialist to discuss next steps. Please keep in mind that occupants, once added to the lease, will have the same rights and responsibilities as the head of household. Please keep in mind that it is considered a lease violation to have individuals that are not on the lease living in your unit.

What if I decided to move out of my apartment, what would I do?
Should you decide to leave your CASA unit, we ask for at least thirty (30) days advance written notice. You can submit this notice to your Housing Specialist.
Please know that CASA values you. If you are unhappy with an aspect of your home we encourage you to let us know how we can better serve you.

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