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Help End Homelessness by Volunteering with CASA

COVID-19 has impacted the way CASA has been able to utilize our volunteers. 

Over the years volunteers have been working in our offices, at our properties, helping us with social gatherings and more. Social distancing has caused a total reassessment of volunteer activities, especially as we realize that the end is not yet in site. 

But here are a few things you can do: 

Wellness calls:  

One of the things CASA has been doing since the beginning of the pandemic has been to connect with each of our residents at least once a month. From these calls we might learn about work orders that need to be placed, rent and/or grocery needs and health updates.   

If making these calls is something you would like to do as a volunteer, we would provide a list of residents and a script for you to use as a guide to make those calls from home!  

As a volunteer, you would document that you have made contact and you would also make notes of any concerns and needs that you learn of during the call.  The appropriate CASA staff would follow through.  

This can be a one-time volunteer event or ongoing every month. Volunteers would provide CASA a timesheet so that we can record your donated service hours.  

Administrative Assistance:  

There are tasks that can be completed at home. Volunteers can pick up materials, prepare them at home and then return them to CASA’s offices. A recent example; several volunteers have collated bags of reusable masks with letters of encouragement and attached rubber bands so that they can be taken to CASA properties and left on resident doorknobs.  If we know of an activity that will occur at a CASA property and we need to notify residents, we could use volunteer help to fold and prepare those letters for hanging on doors or mailing.  

Welcome HomeHoliday and Theme Baskets: 

One of CASA’s extra touches has been our Welcome Home Baskets.  Every new CASA resident receives one. They are delivered to apartments once a lease is signed and before the new resident arrives to give an extra touch of welcome  Volunteers are invited to put baskets together and deliver to our offices so that we have a ready supply.   

The Welcome Home Baskets are so popular that we added Holiday Baskets and Theme Baskets.  Those offerings we like to provide to communities, so if you’re interested in doing a Holiday Basket or a Theme Basket, please contact Kathleen (kderubio@casanc.org; 919 307 3433) in advance for details.  Please click the links to see suggested items for the various baskets:

Guidelines for Welcome Home Baskets

Theme Baskets


We look forward to days when we can again bring groups to properties to do beautification and clean-up projects. If you have questions in the meantime, please reach out to us!



Heather with Baskets