King's Ridge Campaign Leadership Committee

Molly Woodruff Painter, Chair

Molly is a strong advocate for homeless woman. Years of volunteering within the homeless community has allowed her to understand and see firsthand the battles they must fight daily to accomplish even the simplest of tasks. She has become great friends with many of the women she works to help, and they have given her permission to be their voice. Molly says, “King’s Ridge is a great solution to the problem of chronic homelessness, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the solution for my friends”.

Sondra Collins

Sondra is a Senior Vice President and the Mortgage Community Outreach Officer for North State Bank, where she’s worked for over 15 years. She provides homeownership education in our underserved communities to help individuals and families understand how homeownership creates stability, wealth, and helps build an anchor for their family. Sondra says, “King’s Ridge will no doubt change the lives for so many of our unsheltered neighbors!”

Brian Klausner, MD

Brian has worked in homeless healthcare since 2007, and has worked with WakeMed since 2011. During his medical career, Brian has experienced how the suffering of a small percentage of extremely vulnerable patients can impact a health care system and an entire community. He knows that simple medical issues left untreated can result in avoidable, costly, and even deadly outcomes. Brian believes in housing as healthcare and knows that being chronically homeless makes it nearly impossible to recover from disease and illness. He says, “The opportunity with King’s Ridge provides us the ability to continue to evolve as a community in how we efficiently and humanely assist some of our most vulnerable residents.”

Katie Koon

Katie Koon

Katie’s journey within the homeless population began over 8 years ago. At a day shelter called the Women’s Center, what began as volunteering became befriending in a community of women who she came to know and love. It is through these relationships that she has learned that there is a great need for care that goes beyond simply food or clothing or even shelter. They need permanent supportive housing where the great arms of our city can wrap around those who have experienced chronic homelessness and finally offer them housing in the form of healing. She is so grateful for the work of CASA and the hope of King’s Ridge, as she sees this perfectly meeting a great need in our city. Katie lives in Raleigh with her husband Austin and her three teenaged children.

Fraley Marshall

Fraley grew up in Raleigh and has witnessed it’s explosive growth and seen the challenges it presents for the most vulnerable among us. Fraley believes that too many in our community are suffering from a lack of opportunity and access. Despite their best efforts, they are swimming upstream in a system where there is far more demand for resources than there is supply. She is passionate about affordable housing, and knows that our community suffers from a lack of it. She says, “I am thrilled at the prospect of sharing King’s Ridge with others and inviting them on the journey to dream with us.”

Sharonda Ocean

Sharonda joined CASA’s Board of Directors in 2020 and is a licensed Clinical Social Worker with a passion to eradicate homelessness. She and her husband founded Ocean Behavioral Healthcare, LLC, where they utilize their skills and expertise in the mental health field to serve the Durham community. Sharonda believes that the inclusion of supportive services within King’s Ridge is incredibly important and will aid in the long-term stability of the person(s) housed. She says, “With this housing development and services offered, the stability of future generations of those families will be changed.”

Virginia Parker

Virginia has been a Raleigh resident for 41 years. She serves as the Triangle Market Manager for Bank of America and operates as a COO for this geographic area. Virginia has been an active community volunteer for many years and has seen the struggles of many, especially as it pertains to economic mobility. She understands that the barriers to that mobility often have nothing to do with the individuals themselves, but the product of discriminatory policies put in place years ago. She is an ardent believer that stable housing is the anchor for individuals and families to begin their journey up the economic ladder. She says, “King’s Ridge is a unique opportunity to provide stable housing, and a host of other resources, to people in need who just want a hand up in making their lives better.”

Kerry and Stewart Witzeman

Kerry and Stewart moved to Raleigh nearly 8 years ago and began working with CASA soon after. The more involved they became, they more they realized the magnitude of homelessness in our area and the desperate need for more affordable housing. Kerry is a dedicated early childhood educator, and saw firsthand the impact of homelessness and housing instability on young children. Kerry and Stewart both know that stable, affordable housing will greatly improve a child’s changes of a positive future. Stewart, who currently serves as CASA’s Board Chair, says “King’s Ridge is a practical approach to the challenges of homelessness and has the potential to make a significant impact on the need for affordable housing in our community.”

Honorary Campaign Cabinet

  • Jim Anthony
  • Alex Denson
  • Lyle and Rhonda Gardner
  • Gail Hafley
  • Sherry Keen
  • Gene Nicholas
  • Rosemary and Smedes York