King's Ridge Donors

Thank you to the incredible group of people that brought King’s Ridge to life. 

A. E. Finley Foundation, Inc.
A.J. Fletcher Foundation
Trey and Maggie Adams
Arch T. Allen III
Alliance Behavioral Health
Sean Almonte
Carrie Alspaugh
Bob and Amanda Anders
Chip Anderson
William and Lide Anderson
Landy and Kelly Anderton
Katharine and Wally Andrew
Casey and Ivanna Angel
Anonymous Donor
Anonymous Foundation
Jim and Gina Anthony
Chris and Carrie Antonello
APG Advisors
Sharonda Arnold Ocean
Fred and Lynda Atkins
Robert Auman
Baker Roofing
Beth Baker
Charlotte E Baker
Marcia Baltimore
Bank Of America
Willard and Christy Barbee
Kim and Bat Barber
Barnhill Family Foundation
Austin and Sarah Barnhill
Bill and Brenda Bateman
Joel Baucom
Michael and Gloria Becker
Bo and Rebecca Bennett
Cliff and Anna Benson
Linda and Tim Berry
Barrett and Mallory Biringer
Anna Neal Blanchard
Bill and Holly Blanton
Carol Blue
Dianne F Bode
Robert and Mary Charles Boyette
Jess Brandes
Richard and Barbara Brandes
Cooper and Sam Bratton
James and Maureen Brennan
Barrett and Curt Brewer
Bryan and Carson Brice
Suzanne and Frank Brooks
Evie and Bates Brown
Sam and Nancye Bryan
James and Melissa Burke
Dr. James A Burruss and Dr. Mary H. Fontaine
Patricia Butler
Holly and Shelby Cannon
Joe and Kate Cannon
Kevin and Gray Carlin
Alice Carson Stubbs
Mark and Sarah Sims Chesson
Christ Episcopal Church
Kim Clayton and Ruth Heruska
Zach and Katie Clayton
Austin and Cameron Coley
Leslie and Ed Coman
Ed and Elva Connell
Katherine and Mike Connell
Dave and Anne Cooper
Martha Cooper
Jackie and Lee Craig
Martha and Greg Crampton
Patricia Crissman
Catherine Currin
Mary B Currin
Custom Brick & Supply Co.
Allison Dahle and Lou Pounder
Anne Dahle
Linda Davis
Elizabeth and George DeLoache
George and Elizabeth DeLoache
Jim Dempsey
Alex and Mary Denson
Kathleen DeRubio
Bill and Elizabeth Dixon
Margaret Dockery
Josie and Jim Dorsett
Sally Duff
Michelle Dunn
Eatmans Carpets & Interiors
Will and Allison Eckstein
Edenton Street United Methodist Church
E.O Edgerton Jr.
Marcia B Edwards
Stacie Edwards
Ella Ann L and Frank B Holding Foundation
Cameron and David Ellerbe
Claren and Wesley Englebreth
Sheri Erhart
Michele Erwin Murphy
David Evans
Mike and Amity Ferguson
First Presbyterian Church
Grant and Kathleen Fisher
Sandy Fitzgerald
Joyce Fitzpatrick
Bettie Fontaine Thompson
Frances Fontaine
David and Lucy Fountain

Frank R Anderson Realty
Matt and Katherine Fritter
Ashley and Dave Fuller
George and Jill Gammon
Jessica Gammon
Lyle and Rhonda Gardner
Ashley and Bonner Gaylord
Richard and Bonnie Gaylord
Brenda and Ron Gibson
Gipson Family Foundation
Neal and Bill Goodwin
Gordon Leker Family Fund
Beth Grace
Cameron Graham
Rob and Veronica Griffin
Gordon and Sallie Grubb
Gail Hafley and Chris Merrill
Matt and Debbie Haile
Bruce and Julie Ham
Robin Hammond
Emma Hansen and Jordan Doss
Jim and Katherine Hansen
Gretchen Fracher Hardage
Bit Hardy
Virginia Hartley
Nancy and Thorne Harvin
Karen Hatcher
Nick and Missy Hatley
David Hawkins
Terry Henderson
Bill and Marsha Herbert
Susan Hester
Kathy Higgins
Theo and Sally Highsmith
Hillsdale Fund Inc.
Anna Ball Hodge (daughter)
John F Hogan Jr.
Joe and Blair Hogan
David and Ramona Holdstock
Holy Name of Jesus Cathedral
Jenna and Drew Huggins
Keith and Julianne Hull
Kathy and Charlie Izard
J.T Hobby Foundation
Carlton Jester V
Jay and Janice Jester
John C. Sanders & Company, LLC
John J. Pohanka Family Foundation
Jenn Johnson
Suefan and Scott Johnson
Holly Jordan and Teresa Fralix
Rebecca Joyner
Scott and Sylvia Jurgensen
Katherine Connell Interior Design
Aubrey Keen
Sherry Keen
Irene Kennedy
Bruce and Peggy King
Julia Kirkpatrick
Brian and Colleen Klausner
David and Avery Knight
Knights of Columbus Council 9709
Tina Konidaris and Jeff Turpin
Robert and Ruth Kucab
Ed and Molla Ladd
Phil Landis
Brian Lee and Catherine Clodfelter
Colleen and Bill Lee
Julie Leon
Michael Linden
Patricia Long
Susan and Tom Lowder
Kensi Luck
M/I Homes Inc.
Mary MacClean
Sarah and Bo Maddison
Scott and Molly Mahoney
Julian and Diane Mann
Stewart and Jill Marlowe
Agnes Marshall
Clair and Allen Marshall
Fraley and Charles Marshall
Phil and Sharon Marshall
Doug Matthews
Catherine Maxwell
Maynard Family Foundation
Easter Maynard
Jessee Maynard
Donna and Billy McClatchey
Sims McCorkle
Katie and Shep McKenzie
Elizabeth and John Merritt
MidCarolina OBGYN
Brenda P Millar
Rick and Roberta Miller-Haraway
Angeline T Mills
Lawrence Mintz and Eileen Greenbaum
Amy and David Moreau
Julia and Sam Mullen
Kelly Myers
Betty and Russ Nelson
Janet MacColl Nicholson
Lauren Nicholson
Elizabeth M Norris
North State Bank
Tiffany and Jeff Nottingham

Dare W. O’Connor
Susan Orton Ph.D.
Thomas and Rebecca Oxholm
Ava Pacchiana
Gregg and Cindy Pacchiana
Jill Painter Morris
Dean Painter
Dean and Lisa Painter
Molly and Michael Painter
CC and Kirk Parker
Virginia Parker
Joe and Britt Parrish
Jimbo Parrott
Keyuri Patel
Steven and Paige Peden
Julia and Matt Peterson
Plexus Capital
Stephen and Marcie Porterfield
Ellen Powell
John and Elizabeth Purrington
Janet and Munther Qubain
Racqueteers CCC
Rob and Kacey Ragsdale
Raleigh Neurology Associates
Debbie and John Ratliff
Jack and Patricia Reed
Jesma and David Reynolds
Kristen and Matt Rittenmeyer
Liza and Lee Roberts
John and Martha Sanders
David and Donna Sanderson
Gregg and Heidi Sandreuter
Julie and Bill Sandridge
Linda Sands
Kevin and Martha Schneider
Reece and Elizabeth Schuler
Sally Scott and Walt Tippett
Sears Family Foundation
Cecil and Linda Sewell
Lindsay and Courtney Sewell
Mary Jean Seyda and Maggie McGlynn
Barbara Shaw
William and Ashley Silverman
Joseph and Elizabeth Smith
Mike and Mary Dee Smith
Bob and Judy Spaziano
St. Michaels Episcopal Church
William and Andree Stanford
Sam and Mary Starling
Timothy and Cathy Stewart
Kari and Jerry Stoltz
Louise and David Stowe
William and Debbie Stroud
Caroline Sullivan
Henry and Sally Tanner
Jim and Cantey Tanner
Michelle and Jimbo Tanner
Katherine Teague
George and Nancy Teague
Joan and Steven Techet
The Ann C. and C. Hamilton Sloan Foundation
The Church of the Good Shepherd
The Leon Levine Foundation
The Miller Family Foundation
The Stewards Fund
Greg and Lis Thompson
Nancy Thompson and Lee Galloway
Cheryl Tung
Martha Tyson
United Way of the Midlands
Janice Verbic
Kim and Mark Von Weihe
W. Trent Ragland Foundation
Mollie and Edmund Waddill
Wake Stone Corporation
WakeMed Key Community Care
Dan and Nancy Wall
Susan and Frank Watson
Ashley and Cheshire Webb
Audrey and Ken Weil
Josh and Tiffany Weil
Jim and Lou Welch
Wells Fargo
Robert and Barbara Werner
Kathryn West
Kim K Westermann
Deron and Tricia Weston
White Memorial Presbyterian Church
Sarah and Matt White
Chris and Arinn Widmayer
Williams Realty & Building Company
Jeffery and Shannon Williams
Liza and Joel Williams
Blanche Spencer Williamson
Mark and Patricia Wilson
Stewart and Kerry Witzeman
Leon and Bonnie Woodruff
Chris and Kalesia Woody
Kevin Woody
Brandon Wright
Louise and Phil York
Rosemary and Smedes York
Elizabeth Youngblood