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Community-Related FAQ


What is CASA?

CASA is a non-profit affordable housing developer and property manager. CASA’s mission is to develop and manage affordable housing, providing opportunities for successful living for people living with a disability or in poverty.

How does CASA end homelessness?

CASA builds or renovates apartments to add to the limited availability of affordable housing in our region. We provide permanent housing. There is no time limit on how long someone can live in a CASA home, and rent will always remain affordable. Our goal for each tenant is that he or she never faces homelessness again.  The solution to homelessness is permanent affordable housing.

Who does CASA serve?

CASA provides quality, affordable rental properties for people who have a disability or earn a modest wage, with a focus on the unique challenges facing veterans living with disabilities and individuals living with mental health concerns.

How does CASA help people live independently?

CASA is committed to providing knowledgeable and compassionate property management services to each tenant.  We own and manage all our apartments, with leasing specialists and maintenance technicians who provide personalized attention to meet the unique needs of our residents.  CASA’s goal is to provide the support needed to ensure that our tenants never face homelessness again.

Where are CASA apartments located?

CASA has properties across Wake, Durham, and Orange Counties, North Carolina, in cities like Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.

How can I help someone apply for a CASA apartment?

Please visit the application page to learn how to assist someone with an application.  Supportive Housing applicants are encouraged to include contact information for a support person or agency, so CASA is aware of the applicant’s relationship with a community advocate.  Please review CASA’s Supportive Housing Referral information page to learn more.

How do people find out about CASA housing options?

Service providers and community partners in Wake, Durham, and Orange Counties spread the word about the availability of Supportive and Workforce Housing options with CASA.  Workforce Housing vacancies are also advertised on Craigslist and SocialServe.

What happens if CASA doesn’t have an apartment available for a person in need?

Unfortunately, we are not able to house every applicant. CASA’s Board and staff are focused on a strategic plan to grow and serve more people in need. Over 2,000 qualified applicants are currently waiting to be matched to a CASA apartment.

How can I help?

CASA relies on the generosity of the community to help build and maintain affordable housing. To inquire about gifts to CASA’s Annual Fund or Volunteer Opportunities, please contact us. You can also donate online.