Homeless With CASA

It’s no secret that North Carolina’s Triangle area has had a large homeless population, but thanks to Raleigh nonprofits like CASA, the homeless in Chapel Hill, NC and the homeless in Raleigh, NC are finding homes. With the concentrated efforts of CASA and the generous monetary donations and volunteer efforts of the community and beyond, the homeless are finding homes, getting help with addiction, hunger, mental illness, and experiencing a whole new life.

CASA Nonprofit: Making a Difference and Helping the Homeless in Raleigh, NC

CASA is one of the Raleigh nonprofits working towards making significant life improvements for the homeless in Chapel Hill, NC, by providing the homeless and at-risk population with affordable and stable housing. 

CASA develops and manages rental communities in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, and the surrounding area. Affordable housing meets the needs of veterans, the disabled, and families in need who don’t have a place to call home. CASA has served the local community since 1992 and is working to meet needs, end homelessness, hunger, and addiction, and provide help for those suffering from mental illness.

How You Can Help

If you see the need but don’t know how to meet it, there are ways to support CASA and change lives. Your financial donation, whether a one-time gift or monthly contribution, will touch more lives than you may even realize by supporting and helping fund a nonprofit committed to improving the quality of life of the homeless community in the Triangle. 

Monthly planned giving helps CASA provide affordable housing to those who need homes. Your financial support will impact the CASA residents in many different ways.

Volunteer Opportunities 

You can also get involved through the many different volunteer opportunities. There are opportunities to print and prepare monthly parking passes for residents and ways to volunteer from your home by putting together welcome home baskets for new residents that will be placed in their new apartments after lease signings. 

You can also help by creating birthday cake kits that CASA team members will deliver to celebrate residents on their birthdays. You’ll also be able to start a fundraiser, engage in unit inspections and property cleanups, or organize a gift card drive to support the nonprofit and the current and future residents.

You can make a difference in the lives of the homeless in the Triangle. By supporting CASA, you’ll help homeless veterans, members of the in-need workforce community, families, and those with disabilities experience the life-changing benefits of having a place to call home. Contact CASA in Raleigh, NC, to donate or learn more about our nonprofit and how to get involved.