Meet Casandra.

Casandra, who moved into her CASA apartment in November 2023, had endured 7 to 8 years of intermittent homelessness prior. Reflecting on her past struggles, she recounts, “I had been on the streets for a long time—on and off. Couldn’t keep a steady place. My income was never high enough.”  As a woman experiencing homelessness, she grappled with the daily ordeal of finding facilities for personal hygiene amidst harsh weather conditions, recalling tearful moments where she wondered, “where am I gonna go?”.

During her journey, her steadfast friend Travis, a long-time CASA tenant, extended his support, offering her refuge in his home. “He took me in until I could find somewhere to go,” Casandra gratefully remembers.

Eventually securing her own CASA apartment, Casandra found solace in the tranquility it offered. She marvels, “It’s so peaceful and quiet in this building. You’d never know anyone was even home. I sleep so good.”

Working part-time at a Waffle House, Casandra was forced to resign due to health complications, exacerbating her challenges. Following her move into her apartment, Casandra underwent significant hip surgery but found comfort and security in her new abode during her recovery. With her health improving, she diligently attends physical therapy sessions.

Now settled, Casandra embraces a sense of community, particularly looking out for her neighbor Jimmy, who is blind. Fondly, she remarks, “I love him to death—he’s alright with me.” Spending time with him, she takes pleasure in cooking meals like Cornish hens, fried chicken, and collard greens, offering companionship and support.

In addition to building her relationship with her neighbors, Casandra maintains her close bond with Travis as he frequents her apartment for companionship and entertainment. Travis happened to stop by as CASA staff chatted with Casandra and we were privy to their humor and relationship.