Many people turn their attention toward charitable giving in the last months of the year.  One important way to give to CASA and other nonprofit organizations is through planned giving, or legacy giving.  There are several ways to include a charitable organization in your planned giving.

How to include a charitable organization in your planned giving:

  • Bequests are specific gift intentions stated in your will. They may be a designated sum, a percentage of your estate, or a gift of property or stock.  Residuary bequests can designate anything left in an estate after costs and other intentions have been satisfied.
  • Beneficiary Designations are an easy way to continue to support CASA or another nonprofit after your lifetime. You can designate your charitable organization as the beneficiary or contingent beneficiation of a life insurance policy or retirement plan.  You can review and adjust beneficiary designations any time you choose.
  • Gifts of Real Estate or Property benefit CASA’s mission today or in the future, if you designate the donation in your will. Donations of property are tax deductible.
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts provide substantial support to a charity while you and your family enjoy tax benefits. You can donate assets tax-free and receive a lifetime annuity and a charitable donation upon creation of the trust.

If you do include CASA in your planned giving, let us know!  Our Forever Home Society recognizes donors who plan to continue supporting CASA’s mission well beyond their own lifetimes.  Call us (919-307-3435) to learn more.