Raleigh is one of America’s fastest growing and greatest cities — almost every “Best Places to Live” or “Best Places to Work” list will confirm. This growth is something I’ve been proud to watch. I made Raleigh my home 30 years ago and I have raised my kids here.

I also noticed that when a city experiences such growth — when a downtown explodes with potential and colleges get more competitive—— the cost of living increases and people get left behind. Folks who, for so long, kept the city running find themselves struggling to afford to live in the place they’ve always called home.

That’s what drew me to CASA. I wanted to help hardworking people find affordable housing. I believe no one should get priced out of a home just because their hometown succeeds.

I’m excited to help CASA make a difference in more people’s lives, so Raleigh can continue to be the best place to live for all of us.

Jan Lewis

CASA Board of Directors
Executive Assistant to the Vice President of the Americas, Align Technology