Volunteers carry boxes and clipboards to help with homelessness in Raleigh, NC

Homelessness is a serious issue that affects more than 1,000 people in the North Carolina Triangle. At CASA, our goal is to make housing more affordable and to provide people — especially the elderly, veterans, and those with disabilities — with safe and permanent homes through our Solution Campaign.

By supporting us, you empower community members through permanent housing solutions so they may seek employment, send their children to school, and pursue a better life for themselves and their families.

Keep reading to learn how you can combat homelessness in Raleigh and Durham.

3 Ways You Can Help CASA Take on Homelessness


Every donation — no matter how big or small — goes toward our initiative. Donations help us to better maintain and manage CASA properties, support existing members, and create more housing solutions in the community.

Individual and group donations even have the potential to support a CASA household for up to one year. Your donation transforms the lives of those who otherwise would not have the opportunity to live in a quality home.


If you don’t have the funds to donate, advocacy is another way to support CASA. Attend meetings and public hearings about homelessness to spread the CASA initiative and speak up about the need for affordable housing in the North Carolina Triangle. Call local politicians and representatives to talk about CASA’s need for federal, state, and local funding.

Any way you can get the word out about CASA’s mission to end homelessness is beneficial to our organization.


We try to keep housing costs as low as possible for our residents. That’s why we rely on the time and support of our volunteers to help maintain CASA properties and contribute to the overall running of our organization. We provide a number of different volunteer opportunities to community members willing to help, such as office assistant, property maintenance and landscaping, and event planning.

Your entire family can even volunteer by creating Welcome Home Baskets for new residents to help them feel at home.

Get Involved at CASA in Raleigh, NC

CASA provides a solution to homelessness in Raleigh, North Carolina, as well as Durham and Chapel Hill. You can become apart of the solution. Show your support and get involved in our mission today. Learn how to become a CASA advocate or volunteer by calling (919) 754-9960.