family moving into a new home

The simple solution to homelessness is housing. However, the journey to housing can be challenging for people living in poverty. Several different non-profits around Raleigh help support these individuals thought their process.

CASA and Other Nonprofits that Fight Homelessness in Raleigh, NC

Everybody deserves the stability of a permanent home. Unfortunately, homelessness is a reality for hundreds in Raleigh. By offering donations to these nonprofits, you’re becoming an important part of the solution to homelessness.

Emergency Shelter

Sometimes people find themselves without homes very suddenly. For individuals in this situation, having somewhere to go can be extremely difficult. 

South Wilmington Street Center

Run by Wake County, the South Wilmington Street Center serves as an emergency shelter for men who find themselves without a place to stay. A long-term transitional shelter is available to men who take part in supportive services.

Transition Housing

Sometimes people who have experienced homelessness need help with a transition into their new lives. Different nonprofits around Raleigh help provide services to guide individuals to successful living.

The Women’s Center of Wake County

The Women’s Center of Wake County provides long-term support for women who have experienced homelessness or poverty. Their team crafts their counseling to the unique needs of the women they serve.

The Women’s Center also helps women and families find affordable housing options. Services include financial planning and counseling.


Passage Home

Passage Home focuses on strengthening families. By focusing on families as a whole, they hope to increase success for even more individuals and the community. Their services include:

  • Enrolling children into schooling
  • Finding individuals employment
  • Providing meals and basic goods

Passage Home also helps families into new CASA apartments.


Triangle Family Services

Triangle Family Services also focuses on supporting families in their new lives. Many people coming into CASA homes were referred by Triangle Family Services. Their team also provides credit counseling, keeping their clients from experiencing homelessness again.

Triangle Family Services hopes to create a better community through building up families through:

  • Domestic safety classes
  • Anger management
  • Outpatient therapy

Permanent Housing

A permanent housing situation can totally change lives. A place to call home gives individuals and families the stability to find jobs, attend school, and become independent.


CASA NC provides and manages housing for individuals living with poverty or disability. Our tenants only pay about one-third of their income on housing. This lets them focus on establishing savings. Our goal is that none of our residents ever need to experience homelessness again.

Although CASA has almost 500 apartments, there are still people experiencing homelessness. Your donation can help CASA continue to serve Raleigh’s homeless population. CASA is also happy to accept volunteers.

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The Green Chair Project

Furniture can help turn housing into a proper home. The Green Chair Project helps make home a little more comfortable with affordable recycled furniture. By keeping their prices low, Green Chair lets those with little money furnish their own homes.

CASA refers our tenants to Green Chair. They rely on donations of money and furnishings to continue their project.

By supporting any of these nonprofits, you’re providing an invaluable service. Donate to CASA or any of these Raleigh, North Carolina, organizations. Contact us at (919) 754-9960 to learn more about how you can help.